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Great machine for all bugs in your home. All you do is suck them up and dump them out. No touching or worries they will escape. The machine is designed to contain them. Buy the extension if you are vertically challenged like myself or have high ceilings. Works great!!!


My Stink Bug Machine has so many uses besides bugs! I use the attachment to vacuum my baseboards in my house and to get crumbs out from in the seats of my car. My kids argue over who gets to suck up the bug! I’m so glad I came across this product!


We have an enclosed porch and have had issues with stink bugs. This machine is fantastic. No fuss and no mess. If you can use a hand held vacuum, you can use this machine. A charge seems to last 3-4 weeks and when needed it recharges quickly. I bought the extender piece to reach really high places and am really happy that I did. I can get the bugs off the ceiling. I highly recommend this machine and the attachment.


What a fantastic little machine. Stink bugs aren’t a huge problem where I live, but they are becoming more invasive each year, and I usually have several in my house at any given time. I know they’re a pest, but I prefer to not kill them, which was what initially drew me to this product.


This machine really comes in handy. We keep it in a designated place near our kitchen, and my kids sometimes fight over who gets to capture the stink bugs.


I bought this to catch stink bugs but have found that I use it just as much for spiders and centipedes, which I detest. This way I don’t have to get close to them or touch them.


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