Stink Bug Machine

(5 customer reviews)


An innovative way to remove stink bugs and other insects.


Stink Bug Machine

Bagless Buguum

  • Rechargeable 14.4V lithium battery
  • Cyclone power
  • Clear collection container
  • Convenient bottom bug disposal
  • Wall mountable
  • One 2″ and one 8.5″ attachment included
  • Free Shipping

5 reviews for Stink Bug Machine

  1. Megan

    What a fantastic little machine. Stink bugs aren’t a huge problem where I live, but they are becoming more invasive each year, and I usually have several in my house at any given time. I know they’re a pest, but I prefer to not kill them, which was what initially drew me to this product.

    It’s quick and easy to suck the little guys up, and I can release them outside with the press of a button. And out of the twenty or thirty I’ve gotten so far, not a single has been hurt or has filled my house with that noxious smell of theirs.

    It’s a great spider catcher too! Actually, I probably use it more for that than I do for stink bugs.

    So far, I think the stink bug machine was a great purchase. I haven’t had to recharge the battery yet, it’s simple to use, and can snatch up pretty much any bug you’ve got crawling around your house (well… maybe not tarantulas, but thankfully I don’t have to worry about those).

  2. Nancy Bell

    We have an enclosed porch and have had issues with stink bugs. This machine is fantastic. No fuss and no mess. If you can use a hand held vacuum, you can use this machine. A charge seems to last 3-4 weeks and when needed it recharges quickly. I bought the extender piece to reach really high places and am really happy that I did. I can get the bugs off the ceiling. I highly recommend this machine and the attachment.

  3. Jill

    Great machine for all bugs in your home. All you do is suck them up and dump them out. No touching or worries they will escape. The machine is designed to contain them. Buy the extension if you are vertically challenged like myself or have high ceilings. Works great!!!

  4. Christie

    The most handy and convenient little machine! I use it for all kinds of small, quick jobs around the house. It’s perfect for pet hair, cat litter, small fibers, and excess dust. I’ve used it to pick up bugs and spiders on the bathroom floor, kitchen floor, corners and edges of the room where dust and pet hair settle, and I even use it on my cat. He loves it! It’s not loud, it’s lightweight, and it holds a charge for weeks.

  5. Matthew

    One of the best purchases of my entire life! I hate spiders and bugs in my house, but I don’t like killing them. For years I’ve used the “cup and paper” method of capturing bugs, and other methods. They’re a hassle and don’t always work. Getting the Stink Bug Machine has made live capture of spiders and bugs so much faster and easier! I just turn it on, then approach the subject and suck it up. Then run out to the porch, pop open the canister, and they fall out. Done. I love this thing so much.

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